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Wealth and Poverty
Scott Powell


Understanding how the dollar became the world's reserve currency is essential in order to grasp currency risk today.
The information inherent in prices, or profit and loss, guides all activity in the market economy.
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A Government We Deserve -- or One We Need?

The results of first two presidential primaries in Iowa and NH -- in which Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders lead their respective parties -- should be cause for unease. Will we get "the government we deserve" rather than one we desperately need?
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Gilder argues that fluctuating currency values--as opposed to the gold standard--are a "relic, totally unfit for the modern world, rendered indefensible by cutting edge information theory, a major source of political and economic corruption, and one of our most significant barriers to progress."
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Watch: The Problem of Crony Capitalism

Speaking at a session of the Hillsdale College lecture series Money: History and Controversies, Discovery Institute Senior Fellow dissected "The Problem of Crony Capitalism Today," discussing how the rise of the regulatory state has brought about an increasingly cozy relationship between Washington and big business.
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